Many people today want a blog or other personal website. Perhaps it's for an upcoming wedding or perhaps you just want to show off your culinary skills. No matter the reason, we can create fun and personal websites for nearly any reason or occasion.

For a business, a website is one the greatest marketing tools in your toolbox. We can work closely with you to ensure that your website represents your brand and promotes your business.

We have 7 goals for any of our websites. Here are our 7 goals:

  1. Cross browser compatible
    • This means that you can expect your website to work with all major browsers, including Internet Explorer (IE), Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. Regardless of your browser choice, we highly recommend you use the latest version of that browser.
  2. Cross platform compatible
    • This means that it should work on all devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Like all of our goals, this is something we strive for, but can't guarentee. This is mostly due to vast differences between manufacturers and rapidly changing technology. Should you find a device it doesn't work on, let us know and we'll take special precautions to fix it.
  3. Secure
    • We take into account many security measures to help ensure that only authorized personal have access to the administration of the website.
  4. User friendly
    • We want it to be easy for you, the client, to login and make basic changes to the text, add photos, manage the reoccurring posts, et cetera. If you can use a word processor (like Microsoft Word), you can update pages and add new posts. We'll help teach you how to do this.
  5. Attractive
    • We want your website to look good. We can create custom graphics and photos if you would like, or use ones that you already have on hand. With our strong attention to detail, we are only happy when you're happy.
  6. Functional
    • A website is more than just a website these days. It's how you represent yourself to the world. Depending on the application, it can be a fun personal site, a marketing tool for your business, a call to action, or a way to tell the world about your non-profit organization. Whatever your goals for the site are, we are there to help make them happen.
  7. SEO
    • An acronym for "Search Engine Optimization", it's a field within the web design industry that helps to drive traffic to your site through search engines. It's also a constantly evolving area that we strive to stay on top of. While we have some tools that will help, a lot of it is content driven and keeping your site up to date with fresh and relevant material is paramount. We're here to help you with that.